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Therapeutic Bathing

We use only the best bathing accessories available providing a penetrating shampoo and relaxing water massage. Our specially formulated shampoos help provide ultimate coat and skin care.

Ionic blow drying

To provide the best care to your pet's coat, we use ionic blow dryers. These emit millions of charged particles called ions that bond to your dog's fur, breaking down moisture molecules with very little heat. An ionic blow dryer dries the fur in half the time and using half the heat of a normal blow dryer reducing heat damage and leaving the hair fuller and shinier.

Anal glands cleaning

A dog's anal glands are the two small sacks bracketing the anus. If you notice that your dog is continually licking his rectal area or dragging this area across the ground it may indicate that the anal glands of the dog are full or infected. Your dog will feel instant relief by regularly emptying or expressing the anal glands manually.

Ear cleaning

A healthy ear will look clean with pink shiny skin in the canal area. Ear problems may take the form of odor, excessive discharge, inflammation of the canal or noticeable sensitivity from the dog. Dropped or folded ears are more prone to ear problems. A dog's ears are highly vulnerable to injury or invasion by potentially damaging debris which is why they should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Nail trims

Trimming nails is very important, more important than you may think. Uncared for nails can break at the quick and be very painful for dogs. Overgrown nails can cause foot pain, permanent deformity, and make your dog walk unnaturally. The nails may curl into the foot or, in the case of the dew claw, into the leg. When your dog walks on a hard surface you shouldn't hear the click of nails. If you do, it's time to trim.

Feet and bottom fur trimming

Most dogs need an occasional trim and that includes the fur on their feet. Dogs often have hair that hangs over and grows between their paw pads. This hair can collect dirt and bacteria which can be harmful. The hair can even mat and cause pain. It is important to trim the hair on your dog's paws to keep it comfortable and healthy. You want to make sure that the fur around the anus does not grow too long as this prevents proper hygiene.

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